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We will be shipping in time when you agreed to fully implement the ordering procedure. Shipping time usually takes at least 3-5 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday or holidays).
In case you select the form of payment by credit card, order processing time will be counted from when we receive complete payment of customers. Please note, we have the right to change the delivery time without prior notice in the case is affected by a natural disaster or other special events.
Your order will be delivered in 2 times the maximum (first case delivery is not successful, there will be staff to contact to schedule a delivery time 2 with you. We will try to get back in the next 2 working days (via SMS or direct call), in the case still can not be reconnected or not receive any feedback from you, the order will not be valid.
If after two unsuccessful delivery times, your order will be held at the offices of a courier company to work the next 2 days for customers to receive. Too time on, the order will not be valid.
To check information or status of your orders, please use the order code has been sent in your confirmation letter and check the Customer Care department.

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